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Consilium Software (Company Inc.)
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Innovative software, done the right way.

Consilium Software CC. Reg No. 2008/182499/23 VAT No. 4660251697
Company Profile

Consilium Software, was founded by 3 software engineers with the vision of creating enterprise ready software. We have over 20 years of software development experience and have developed methodologies to ensure we always deliver the best possible solution.
We strive to create software that is

  • Reliable - it shouldn't break
  • Intuitive - it should be easy to understand and use
  • Maintainable - it should be easy to add new features
We achieve this through applying industry best practices and industry tested tools and software.

Our Mission

To create a software company with a reputation for delivering quality software on time and according to specification.


We specialise in creating turnkey software through the complete design cycle.

  • Business Analysis

    We analyse your business requirements to gain a thorough understanding of the problems it is facing and evaluate solutions.

  • Specification

    We work with you to create a software specifiction document for the new system to be developed.

  • Prototyping

    We work towards creating a working prototype to evaluate the project outcome

  • Design and Development

    We use industry standard tools to develop a solution that is aligned with the technical reqirements of your proposed software.

  • Project Training and Support

    We provide training and support to ensure our software delivers to your expectations.

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