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Cash Flow System


Consilium Software was contracted to provide their client with an application to help manage their cash flow. Consilium Software successfully created a dynamic web based Intranet application which allows their client to sweep their daily operational accounts, based on actual and predicted cash flow, and move the moneys into high yielding investment accounts. The system suggests the optimum movements and generates all necessary instructions to deliver them. All client actions are audited, and drill downs are provided for all totals.

The web based environment allows the application to be accessed from any computer in the client's intranet, while still maintaining an exceptionally high level of security. Although web based, the system is highly dynamic and functions with the same level of performance expected of a desktop application.


The system is built on the ICEfaces framework, and makes use of Spring, Hibernate, SQL Server, Jasper Reports and Dynamic Jasper. Hudson is used as the deployment manager. The primary programming language is Java, with occasional JavaScript.


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